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Pathway to Prayer CoverThroughout the history of the church, God has raised up men and women of prayer who have stirred up others to pray through their preaching and writing. This booklet, Pathway to Prayer 1st edition (2018) is a 40-page abridged collection of some of the best of these works, organized into practical steps to help us journey forward in the daily struggle to pray.

“Read the Holy Scriptures, and such lively writings as help you to understand and practice them. As going to the fire is our way when we are cold . . . so reading over some part of a warm and quickening book, will do much to warm and quicken a benumbed soul . . . . I have found it myself a great help.” –Richard Baxter

pathway-to-prayer-1st-edition-contentsAn e-book version and audio book recording are freely available to download from the links below.

“[This] great living question has been considered by many: Will we really be determined to win back again the weapon of believing prayer that Satan has, in a measure, taken away from us? Let us set before ourselves the serious importance of this conflict. . . . In war, everything depends on each soldier being obedient to the word of command, even though it may cost him his life. In our strife with Satan, we will not conquer unless each one of us holds himself ready, even in the reading of this simple book, to say from the heart, “What God says, I will do; and if I see that anything is according to his will, I will immediately receive it and act upon it.” -Andrew Murray

Front Cover Nov 2021Note: Pathway to Prayer 2nd edition (2022) was expanded to over 150 pages with sources referenced for all the quotations. It is still in the publishing process. Lord-willing, more information about it will be available here when it is published, hopefully sometime in the Summer of 2023.

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