Our Ministry Focus

Our Ministry Purpose & Vision
Based on Philippians 3:10, We have summarized our life purpose in this way: “We exist to magnify God by knowing Him, becoming like His Son, and helping others do the same.” We believe that we can best accomplish this purpose through career missions work in Cambodia. Our vision is to make disciples among the Khmer people of Cambodia by leading them to Christ and teaching them to follow Christ (Mt. 28:18-20).

Our Ministry Power
We are not sufficient in ourselves, but our sufficiency is of God. As Jesus taught us, without Him we can do nothing, but with Him, all things (He desires) are possible through dependence on His strength. We believe He channels His strength to us through four primary means: prayer, the Spirit, the Word, and the church. These are like four reservoirs of rocket fuel that keep us moving forward, making genuine progress in ministry.

rocket advance1. Prayer: We depend on prayer as a vital means by which God works in us and through us.

2. The Holy Spirit: We depend on the indwelling Holy Spirit to fill us, embolden our witness, and effectively draw men to Christ.

3. The Scriptures: We depend on the sufficient Scriptures to strengthen and guide us, and to convert and sanctify those we minister to.

4. The Church: We depend on the church to support us through biblical partnerships of fellowship, intercession, and financial investment.

Our Ministry Philosophy
We believe our mission methodology should grow out of biblical truth and example, not merely tradition or pragmatism. Thus the life, ministry, and teaching of Jesus Christ and the Apostles directly shape our ministry philosophy and strategy. Three principles in particular will influence our approach:

1. Teamwork: Because the church is one body with many members, we desire to work in teams. (cf. Mk. 6:7)

2. Contextualization: Because the gospel message transcends culture, we will work at adapting our lifestyles and the form of our message to make the gospel as clear as possible within the Cambodian culture. (cf. 1 Cor. 9)

3. Indigenization: Because the church is not bound to any one culture, we plan to establish indigenous churches that will be self-supporting, self-propagating, and self-governing. (cf. Acts 14:23)

OMS-0Our Ministry Strategy

We have summarized our ministry strategy into six primary activities that build upon one another. While progressing up each step, we will continue engaging in each previous step.

1. Pray: Prayer must permeate every aspect of our lives and ministry. Through prayer we submit our plans to God; unite in heart with our partners, lead souls to Christ and teach them to follow Him.

2. Partner: Establishing and maintain biblical partnerships with churches is crucial to the our physical and spiritual stability and ministry fruitfulness. [See our partnership philosophy here.]

3. Adjust: This is the primary goal of our first term, learning the Khmer culture and language and gleaning from the mentorship of more experienced missionaries.

4. Evangelize: The proclamation of the gospel has tremendous power to save sinners. With this conviction, we witness the good news to Cambodians.

5. Disciple: The heart of the great commission is making disciples, so we make it our aim not only to lead people to Christ but patiently disciple them through baptizing them into the church and teaching them to obey the commands of Christ.

6. Train: We will look for faithful men and train them to lead in their families and in the church.

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